Working with the Weltons

As some of you may know we just recently released our very first single "CHAINS" on all music platforms, but what you may not know is the whole process behind the scenes. Starting in late August we had the incredible opportunity to start working with Prince's former drummer Hannah Welton and his former keys player and Grammy nominated producer, Joshua Welton. These two are the most inspiring, whole-hearted, and talented people we have ever met and we are beyond lucky to call them mentors and friends.

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We spent months with them coming to rehearsals, not only for music but to get to know each one of us personally. We created a bond that made making music together that much more special. We were also able to talk to one another about anything going on in our lives and work through any types of problems. We wouldn't trade this experience and friendship for anything and we are super grateful for their presence in our lives.

Throughout the next few months we spent countless hours in Jonathan's basement perfecting the business side of music with Clarence Welton and then working on our first originals with Joshua and Hannah. We wrote and wrote and wrote before we would even come up with a small idea we all deemed worthy of showing to Joshua and Hannah. Finally, we came up with a version of "CHAINS" that we all liked and showed it to them. That began the long process of changing melodies, solos, and lyrics until we fell in love with the song you all heard on February 1st!!


After we decided it was time to record our first two songs we contacted Kiwi Audio and booked a date for the magic to happen. In studio we spent 12 hours recoding and perfecting our originals. With the help of Joshua, Hannah, all the guys at Kiwi and our film and photography crew Heidi Peters, Korie Morris, and Mari Magee we were able to capture this experience and use our time to the best of our ability. This studio is a beautiful barn with an absolutely gorgeous studio inside. I mean how could we not be inspired to create some hits?

After a long day of hard work we then waiting for the magic of production by Joshua Welton to happen and on Thanksgiving of 2018 we received "CHAINS" as you hear it now. Finally hearing months of our hard-work and dedication we were amazed at how the songs turned out. We couldn't thank everyone who helped us along the way enough!


The song you hear today is based off the idea of breaking away from the chains that bind us back from going after our dreams and being our true selves. Everyone has things that hold them back, but it is all about overcoming these obstacles and going after what we want in life. Thanks to the Welton's, Tatooles's, Kent's, Henehan's, Buccellato's, Guido's, and Peter's families we were able to make some of our wildest dreams a reality. We also want to thank each one of our amazing fans for your support and for helping us get thousands of views and listens on our first song!

To think that Prince's drummer and his Producer worked with us and produced our music is unreal and we are so beyond thankful for this experience. You should be expecting a lot more from us soon! We'll see you this summer on our tour!

Keep Rockin'

~ The Millennials

Heidi Peters